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2023 Articles

What’s New in TransMagic R14 and R14 SP1
What’s New in TransMagic R14 (14.00.000)

2022 Articles

Improved Polygon Functionality in Latest Build (12.31.400)
New CATIA, Creo Format Support (12.31.300)
TransMagic R12 Enhancements (12.31.200)

2021 Articles

Dealing with Polygons in a CAD World
System Requirements and other FAQs
Rhino Support New Format Updates for TransMagic R12 SP3 (12.30.702)
Exploiting Marginal Gains in Design and Manufacturing
How to Dimension Polygonal Models

2020 Articles

Are Your CAD Tools Enough?
View CAD Files Faster
CAD Software
3D Model Repair
Avoid STL File Repair
TransMagic Technical Overview
What’s New in TransMagic R12 SP3
How to Create a Technical Data Package
TransMagic Live Online Training
TransMagic to Offer Complimentary Software for Remote Workers Affected by COVID19 Crisis
How to Open a JT File
Keep Our Customers Working
Choosing the Best CAD File Format
Do You Have These Production Bottlenecks?
NX Viewer

2019 Articles

CAD File Converter
STEP Viewer
What is CAD Data?
CAD Viewer
CATIA Viewer
Four Threats to Manufacturing On-Time and On-Budget
CATIA Tutorials
CATIA File Converter
What is Model Based Definition Why Implement It
5 Ways to Improve Your Engineering Department
Parasolid to STEP
How to Destroy a Spacecraft in 7 Easy Steps
Access to Geometric Modeling Kernels
Which Geometric Modeling Kernel?
What is Wire PMI?
A Multi-CAD Strategy
What’s New in R12 SP2
The SuperView Advantage
The Expert Advantage
TransMagic Newsletter March 2019
MCAD Industry Predictions for 2019

2018 Articles

SOLIDWORKS 2019 Speed Enhancements
Omax Industrial Waterjets Use TransMagic to Repair 3D CAD Geometry
Flatten Assembly and Convert to Assembly
What’s in the SuperView Eval?
Split Body and Trim Body
More Formats for SOLIDWORKS Users
Bounding Box Calculations
CAD File Extensions
How Do You Compare CAD Models?
3D Printers Under $4000 Compared for Industrial Usage
3D Printing Priorities
Top Videos of 2016 & 2017
Top Blogs of 2016 & 2017
CAD Model Validation

2017 Articles

Materials and Mass Properties
Assembly Restructuring
CAD Atomization
PMI Data Extraction
CAD Data Extraction
The Digital Thread
Detecting and Correcting Non-Manifold Geometry
Repair By Color
CAD and Polygonal Formats
Machine Gun Surface
Advanced Repair Tools
Full Repair Recaptures Design Intent
CAD Repair in Seconds Flat
MagicCheck Micrometer Tool
Saving Custom Views
View Orientation Options
How to Choose a CAD System: Pleasant Business Relationships
How to Choose a CAD System: Built In Applications
How to Choose a CAD System: Reliability and Stability
How to Choose a CAD System: Drafting Tools
How to Choose a CAD System: Compatibility
How to Choose a CAD System
How to View CAD PMI
Missing CAD Data
Exporting PMI to 3D PDF
Benefits of PMI and MBD
Brep vs Visrep Models
CAD Format Analysis
CAD Dimensioning
Optimizing STL Output
Pre-processing for Polygon Reduction
Do your translations look like this?
Calculate edge length


2016 Articles

Can you find the errors in this CAD model?
Automated CAD translation
Can I convert polygonal models to CAD models?
Model repair by color?
Why can’t I view this CAD assembly?
Boeing task guide solutions
Video tutorials and overviews
Free sample CAD files
Boeing spec d651991 Part 2
Boeing spec d651991
Revision checking – brute strength vs automation
A classic CAD repair scenario
Selection options
Three alternatives to IGES
Six reasons to avoid IGES files
Optimize and save your settings
Dealing with duplicate surfaces
Dude, where’s my CAD data part 3
Dude, where’s my CAD data part 2
Dude, where’s my CAD data part 1
TransMagic Product Wizard
Do you have the magic button?
Tips for working with large CAD files
7 ways to improve your CAD game
TransMagic release 12 – what’s new
Benefits of part validation checking
CAD inner and outer volume separation and defeaturing with MagicHeal
The CAD format ladder, Part 2
Reduce component filesize
Optimizing SOLIDWORKS performance
How fast can you repair CAD geometry?
The CAD format ladder, Part 1
Six reasons watertight models matter
3D printing CAD files
Polygon reduction
Tips for new TransMagic users
Diagnostic tools for CAD files, Part 4
Diagnostic tools for CAD files, Part 3
Diagnostic tools for CAD files, Part 2
Diagnostic tools for CAD files
What CAD format do I have here?
More tips for TransMagic users
What is non-manifold geometry?

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ProNor AS
After many problems with files translation we tried TransMagic and successfully converted a very large surface model of a Norwegian oil rig to a solid model that we can now open in SolidWorks. TransMagic has done a tremendous job for us.
– J. I., ProNor AS

BRC Rubber and Plastics
TransMagic lets me share 3D models with our 5 locations that do not have CAD software. This has improved communication and saved time getting approvals, preparing job quotes and solving manufacturing issues. This capability has eliminated many communication problems between our design and build leaders.
– P. P., BRC Rubber and Plastics

J. O.
TransMagic is a great value because we need to open CAD files for quoting purposes…the cost is easily justified.
– J. O.