Dear TransMagic Customer:

In response to the COVID-19 threat, we want to support the use of TransMagic licenses in any scenario. This notice is to inform you that you can transfer licenses to remote machines as necessary, and how to find additional help, if you need it.

The first thing you should know is that TransMagic Standalone Licenses can be checked in and out. The process is explained below. If you need immediate assistance, please see the contact options at the bottom of this page.

Transfer Activation

Figure 1 – To free up a Standalone license, click Help > Transfer Activation.

1. Transfer Activation

When you click on Transfer Activation, TransMagic will remove your license from the current machine, which frees the license up for your laptop or other machine for working remotely.


TransMagic License Transfer Information

Figure 2 – TransMagic License Transfer Information – Write down or Copy your Application ID.

2. Write Down Activation ID

A dialogue box will come up with your Activation ID. Write it down or copy it.


3. Install TransMagic on your Other Device

Install TransMagic on your other machine. You can download the latest exe at


Enter Your Activation ID

Figure 3 – Select the Customer License Activation, and enter your Activation ID.

4. Enter Your Activation ID

Once you launch TransMagic, you will see the Select License dialogue.

Click Customer License Activation and then click OK.


In this way, your TransMagic license can be moved from machine to machine as necessary for remote work.

If you have an issue with your network license of TransMagic, or if you need additional access to TransMagic on remote machines, contact us at with your email address, company name and phone number.

If you have a non-license support issue, you can submit the details and attach any files necessary via our support portal:

We appreciate your business, and wish everyone good health and safety!


Todd Reade