The Digital ThreadThe term ‘Digital Thread’ refers to a data and communications framework that passes through all relevant aspects of design, manufacturing, maintenance and disposal processes, providing an integrated and holistic view of assets throughout a product lifecycle.

The Risk of Mixed Datums and Criteria

Without a Digital Thread of product definition, manufactured parts might be designed with one set of datums and intents, manufactured using another set of datums and measurements, validated and checked using perhaps entirely new datums and criteria, and maintained with yet another set of systems and criteria. These criteria mismatches constitute a gap through which critical errors and wasted resources can pass.

Using Data To Make Better Decisions

By carefully using and maintaining the right criteria from the beginning of the design phase, and maintaining that criteria throughout the manufacturing life cycle, errors can be avoided and costs can be reduced. When the entire process of designing, engineering, manufacturing, validating, testing and maintaining products is considered as a whole, meaningful data is extracted, possibilities for design and process optimization become apparent, and more informed decisions can be made.

Accessing Critical Part Data

The digital thread depends on good data; TransMagic supports MBE, MBD (model based enterprise, model based definition) and PMI (product and manufacturing information) data, giving you access to drawing data such as GD&T, dimensions and notes in addition to CAD BREP geometry. Moreover, TransMagic makes this data available in a variety of graphical formats, semantic and text formats, including WebGL, XML, 3D PDF, JT, CATIA and other formats; The data can also include parts lists, mass properties values, surface area and bounding box data, extractable via XML. All XML data can be accessed and parsed to analyze and optimize processes in areas such as:

  • Machining tolerance precision
  • Stock materials usage and optimization
  • Part nesting
  • Surface treatment or paint costs
  • Shipping costs based on size and weight

Automatic Translation and Data Extraction with COMMAND

TransMagic COMMAND is an enterprise tool that automates department-wide file translation processes instantly or as often as desired; users can translate to multiple formats simultaneously, accessing optimal read and write settings for each format and outputting any specified XML data to designated network locations without need for user interaction, thereby facilitating digital thread initiatives. You can learn more about COMMAND here.

If you’re new to TransMagic, you can try the free trial of TransMagic SuperView here; if you would like to evaluate TransMagic Expert or COMMAND, please contact our sales department at