Product Comparison

The table below compares TransMagic’s three core products; SUPERVIEW, PRO and EXPERT.

Formats: Some brief notes about supported formats are given on this page. For a full list of formats supported by TransMagic products, please visit our CAD Formats page.

Product Capabilities SUPERVIEW PRO EXPERT
Open, View & Inspect all major 3D CAD and polygonal formats, including CATIA, NX, Creo, Solid Edge, SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, AutoCAD, Parasolid, ACIS, STEP, IGES and more checkmark checkmark checkmark
Dimension, Mass Properties, Surface Area, Micrometer, Annotate, Markup, Save Views checkmark checkmark checkmark
Change Color, Transparency, Visibility, Create Sections, Layers checkmark checkmark checkmark
Assembly Restructuring, Create Assembly, Flatten Assembly to multibody parts for faster import checkmark checkmark checkmark
Write to Polygonal Formats including 3D PDF, WebGL, STL, Obj, Collada checkmark checkmark checkmark
Write to Neutral CAD Formats including STEP, IGES, Parasolid, ACIS, SMLib checkmark checkmark
Write to Native CAD Formats including CATIA, DWG, JT & SOLIDWORKS * checkmark
PowerPack for SOLIDWORKS & Inventor – Access TransMagic Formats & Repair in Your Application checkmark checkmark
Technical Data Packages – 3D PDF with attached CAD Data, PMI, Associated Technical & CAD Files checkmark
Assembly Cuts (for Weldments) ** checkmark
Atomize & CAD Data Extraction (Part info, PMI, Mass Properties) checkmark
Groups, Booleans, Split/Trim Operations, Non-Uniform Scaling, Poly to CAD checkmark
QuickView (Rapid Visualization, faster than File Open) checkmark

* SOLIDWORKS must be licensed on same machine to enable save to sldprt and sldasm.

** Creo is the only format currently supported for Assembly Cuts.

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