EXPERT-small-2 “Under the hood of TransMagic Expert reside several powerful CAD geometry engines to ensure the highest level of quality and compatibility”
Expert is your CAD data exchange solution, allowing your to read and view all major 3D CAD formats, view and manage PMI / MBD data, dimension & measure for quotes, stitch surfaces into solids, extract data for parts lists, mass properties, and parts lists, outputting polygonal data as well as neutral CAD formats (STEP, IGES, Parasolid, ACIS, etc.) and native CAD formats (CATIA, JT, etc.). expert-425w

Who’s A Good Fit For EXPERT?

  • Designers and engineers who need the ability to Write native CAD formats such as CATIA and JT.
  • Jobshops who need native format output and want to replace full CAD seats with an easier, quicker and more cost-effective solution.
  • SOLIDWORKS or Inventor users who want to take advantage of TransMagic’s additional CAD formats, as well as automatic repair tools from inside of their respective CAD applications.

Unique Advantages of Expert

  • Powerpack for SOLIDWORKS and Inventor: Expert and Pro both come with the Powerpack for SOLIDWORKS and the Powerpack for Inventor.
  • Write CAD Native Formats: Like Pro, Expert can write to neutral CAD formats such as ACIS, Parasolid and SMS, but Expert also gives you the ability to write to native CAD formats such as CATIA, JT and DWG.
  • Boolean Operations: Boolean Union and Subtract to combine and derive new geometry.
  • Split Operations: Split body and split faces based on existing geometry.
  • Non-Uniform Scaling: Scale solid models at different X, Y and Z values.
  • Atomize Assemblies: Automatically atomize parts in any assembly to the format of your choice.
  • Extract PMI and Other Data to XML: Automatically create XML reports based on parts, mass properties or PMI data.

The Industry Challenge

  • Multiple 3D Applications
  • CAD File Incompatibility
  • Reworking Designs
  • Lost Data
  • Steep Learning Curves

The Industry Solution

  • High Speed File Conversion
  • Multi-CAD File Support
  • Automated Geometry Repair
  • Preserved Data
  • Option to run inside of SOLIDWORKS or Inventor


CATIA V4, V5, V6 (up to 2019/R29); CATIA xcgm; Pro/E (all); Creo (up to 5.0); NX/UG (up to NX12, 9.5 for PMI); SOLIDWORKS 97-2019; SolidEdge ST11; JT (up to 10.2); Inventor (up to 2020); AutoCAD (up to 2019); Microstation (up to V8); TransMagic (R7-R12); Parasolid (up to 31.0); ACIS (R1.5-R2019/R29); IGES (up to 5.3); STEP AP203/AP214/AP242; SMLib (all); VDA-FS; 3D PDF (up to 2018 SP2); 3D XML (up to R2016); STL; OBJ; PLY; U3D (EMCA-363); PRC; VRML 1.0/2.0; HOOPS (up to 20); Collada; POD; CGR (up to R2019/R29); Image formats (Tif, Png, Jpg, Bmp).


CATIA V4, V5, V6 (up to R2019/R29); CATIA xcgm; JT (up to 10.2); SOLIDWORKS (2013-2019 – requires SWX on system); AutoCAD (up to 2019); TransMagic (R7-R12); Parasolid (up to 31.0); ACIS (R1.5-R2019/R29); IGES (up to 5.3); STEP AP203/AP214/AP242; SMLib (all); VDA-FS; Ngrain (up to 5.0); 3D PDF (up to 2018 SP2); 3D XML; STL; OBJ; PLY; HOOPS (up to 20); Collada; POD; U3D (ECMA-363); CGR (up to R2019); WebGL; 2D PDF; Image formats (Tif, Png, Jpg, Bmp).

CAD Model Based Definition with TransMagic from TransMagic Software on Vimeo.


Test-Drive TransMagic for 7 days to see how it works with your parts! The following products are included in the evaluation:

  • TransMagic SUPERVIEW
  • TransMagic MagicHeal
  • TransMagic MagicCheck



Stark Manufacturing
It saves a lot of time. I’ve told my customers, “I’ll take any CAD file and I’ll make it work” (using TransMagic). TransMagic is a good sales tool for me.
– M. G., Stark Manufacturing
PPL Engineering
Just a quick e-mail to say how pleased we are with TransMagic. After using it now for a few months the difference in being able to use the solid models is wonderful.
– B. C., PPL Engineering
TransMagic offers the widest range of native CAD support. TransMagic combines universal capabilities in 3D data repair and exchange, viewing and collaboration with an excellent price/performance ratio.
– S. V., CAMTEX GmbH