command-300w “TransMagic COMMAND is an enterprise solution, enabling CAD migration automation. COMMAND can translate to any CAD format instantly and department-wide, empowering entire teams to get to their engineering or design work faster.”
TransMagic COMMAND can simultaneously translate to any supported 3D CAD or polygonal format for entire engineering and design departments. Drop one or a thousand files into a folder and instantly your models are in one or a dozen formats of your choosing; with COMMAND, waiting for someone to translate your key files is a thing of the past. command-master-425w

Who’s A Good Fit For COMMAND?

  • Engineering and design departments who have CAD translation bottlenecks.
  • IT departments who would like to manage and facilitate and manage translation services for CAD users company or department-wide.
  • Software developers and IT personnel who want to make an application or script call to COMMAND for file translation and repair, transparent to the user.

The Industry Challenge

  • Entire departments waiting for CAD format translations.
  • Inconsistent translation quality & optimization.
  • Software and IT applications that need access to automated translation and repair.

The Industry Solution

  • Instant translation service as soon as files are dropped into network folder.
  • Pre-optimized format settings and all supported formats.
  • COMMAND can be accessed by any application or script, such as the SOLIDWORKS scripting API, for powerful, automated & transparent translation and repair.


CATIA V4, V5, V6 (up to 2019/R29); CATIA xcgm; Pro/E (all); Creo (up to 5.0); NX/UG (up to NX12, 9.5 for PMI); SOLIDWORKS 97-2019; SolidEdge ST11; JT (up to 10.2); Inventor (up to 2020); AutoCAD (up to 2019); Microstation (up to V8); TransMagic (R7-R12); Parasolid (up to 31.0); ACIS (R1.5-R2019/R29); IGES (up to 5.3); STEP AP203/AP214/AP242; SMLib (all); VDA-FS; 3D PDF (up to 2018 SP2); 3D XML (up to R2016); STL; OBJ; PLY; U3D (EMCA-363); PRC; VRML 1.0/2.0; HOOPS (up to 20); Collada; POD; CGR (up to R2019/R29); Image formats (Tif, Png, Jpg, Bmp).


CATIA V4, V5, V6 (up to R2019/R29); CATIA xcgm; JT (up to 10.2); SOLIDWORKS (2013-2019 – requires SWX on system); AutoCAD (up to 2019); TransMagic (R7-R12); Parasolid (up to 31.0); ACIS (R1.5-R2019/R29); IGES (up to 5.3); STEP AP203/AP214/AP242; SMLib (all); VDA-FS; Ngrain (up to 5.0); 3D PDF (up to 2018 SP2); 3D XML; STL; OBJ; PLY; HOOPS (up to 20); Collada; POD; U3D (ECMA-363); CGR (up to R2019); WebGL; 2D PDF; Image formats (Tif, Png, Jpg, Bmp).


Test-Drive TransMagic for 7 days to see how it works with your parts! The following products are included in the evaluation:

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  • TransMagic MagicHeal
  • TransMagic MagicCheck

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Grand Die Engravers Inc.
This translator is incredible!
– W. H., Grand Die Engravers Inc.

It works. It is a very decent product. It does everything that others seem to lack.
– J. P., Auto/Con

BRC Rubber & Plastics
TransMagic has reduced our translation cost by 80% and cut the average turnaround time from 2.5 days to 30 minutes.
– P. P., BRC Rubber & Plastics