TransMagic has three core products, and the most powerful of these is EXPERT. But what, exactly, does EXPERT give you that SUPERVIEW and PRO don’t? What, exactly, is the Expert Advantage?

The Expert Advantage

SUPERVIEW will read any major 3D CAD format, write polygonal formats including Web GL and 3D PDF, run Lite Repair, and allow for dimensioning, mass properties calculations and much more.

PRO does everything SUPERVIEW does but can also write CAD Neutral formats such as STEP and IGES, as well as Kernel formats such as ACIS, Parasolid & SMS, and PRO gives you access to the PowerPacks for SOLIDWORKS and Inventor.

What you get with EXPERT

Here’s the short list:

  • Everything you get in SUPERVIEW and PRO
  • Write CAD Native Formats
  • Poly to CAD
  • Perform Boolean Operations
  • Perform Split Operations
  • Non-Uniform Scaling
  • Atomize Assemblies
  • Extract PMI and other data to XML
  • PowerPack for SOLIDWORKS and Inventor

Write CAD Native Formats

EXPERT gives you the ability to write to native CAD formats such as CATIA, JT and DWG. As with Pro, EXPERT can write to kernel and neutral CAD formats such as ACIS, Parasolid, SMS, STEP and IGES but being able to write to the native format preferred by the customer can naturally broaden your customer base and give you more service flexibility.

Poly to CAD

Convert polygonal models to B-Rep CAD models. If you need to convert a polygonal model to a B-Rep CAD model, TransMagic EXPERT can do it, but it will retain all of the polygonal facets, though you can use Polygon Reduction or polygonal optimization tools to minimize polygons prior to the conversion. Read more about Poly to CAD here.

Boolean Operations

Boolean Union to combine and derive new geometry. Boolean operations can be useful for simplifying geometry, or generating more complex geometry from simple geometry. Boolean Unite is also available in MagicHeal; if you have EXPERT only, this tool is launched by selecting both models you wish to union, then use the right-mouse button menu to access Boolean Unite.

Split Operations

Split and trim bodies and faces based on existing geometry. Bodies and faces can be split based on nearby geometry. A trim operation is basically the same as a boolean subtraction. Read more about split body and split face operations here. If you have MagicHeal, you also have access to Split Body and Split Face tools on the MagicHeal toolbar; if you have EXPERT (and do not have MagicHeal), these tools are located on the right-mouse button menu which comes up when you have selected geometry and then right-click.

Non-Uniform Scaling

Scale solid models at different X, Y and Z values. All core TransMagic products allow you to scale models, but only EXPERT allows you to scale the X, Y and Z axes by different values relative to one another; one application is to simulate mold shrinkage.

Atomize Assemblies

Automatically atomize parts in any assembly to the format of your choice. This is like having a mini batch translator. Open any assembly, Save As the format of your choice, and before you click Save, make sure that Assembly as XML and Atomize are both checked. All of the parts will be saved to the current folder, to the format of your choice.

Extract PMI and Other Data to XML

Automatically create XML reports based on parts, mass properties or PMI data. When you Save As in EXPERT, and have enabled the Atomize function, Expert also allows you to generate mass properties, surface area and bounding box reports in an XML format; just check the appropriate boxes before you click Save.

Get Access to the PowerPacks for SOLIDWORKS and Inventor

If you have either TransMagic EXPERT or PRO, you can access TransMagic’s read, write and repair tools from inside of the CAD application, saving time and broadening the number of CAD formats you can read and write, so you have access to more customers and more tools in your belt when difficult translation and repair issues inevitably crop up. Learn more about the PowerPack tools in the video at the bottom of this article.

If you are an existing TransMagic customer and you want to try EXPERT, just let us know via, or via, and we’ll set you up with a 30-day eval.

For non-customers who want to give EXPERT a try, fill out the SUPERVIEW eval form, and when the licensing person sends you a license key, ask them for a 7-day eval of EXPERT instead.