complete-300w “TransMagic COMPLETE gives you the COMPLETE TransMagic suite for the ultimate in translation, repair, comparison and batch processing”
TransMagic COMPLETE packs all the power of four products into one bundle; translate, repair, compare. You get the viewing, markup, interrogation and translation capability of Expert; the advanced repair and automatic surfacing tools of MagicHeal; MagicCheck’s ability to compare the geometry of two part revisions, validate geometry, or compare CMM points against CAD geometry; and the power to automatically translate and repair thousands of files at once via MagicBatch. transmagic-complete

Who’s A Good Fit For COMPLETE?

  • Designers and engineers who need the ability to Write native & neutral CAD formats.
  • Engineering and design offices who need to minimize time lost repairing and rebuilding CAD models.
  • Mold designers and job shop estimators who need to verify changes to customer parts.
  • Companies who want to replace full CAD seats with an easier, quicker and more cost-effective solution.

The Industry Challenge

  • Need to view, measure and quote customer parts quickly and accurately.
  • Complex CAD models that are not watertight solids.
  • How to know ‘What changed in the customer revision’?
  • Time-consuming file open, file save-as processes

The Industry Solution

  • View and measure any major 3D CAD file with ease.
  • Automatic and advanced repair tools for smoother downstream workflow.
  • Expose ‘out of tolerance’ areas with color ‘heat’ map
  • Batch translation which skips the graphic display and processes at the data level, much faster


COMPLETE reads the same CAD and polygonal formats as all core TransMagic products. See the full, updated list on our CAD Formats page


COMPLETE includes by definition all our available CAD formats. All file types listed on our CAD Formats page are included

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Sunset Tool
We put TransMagic to the test with an older IGES file. We even tried to send this IGES file out to be healed, only to be told it was too bad. We ran it through TransMagic and were able to get a usable file that was 100 times better. I’m putting in my request to purchase today.
– R. M., Sunset Tool

TransMagic lets me share 3D models with our 5 locations that do not have CAD software. This has improved communication and saved time getting approvals, preparing job quotes and solving manufacturing issues. This capability has eliminated many communication problems between our design and build leaders.
– P. P., BRC Rubber and Plastics
– J. P., Auto/Con

GM Creative Services
TransMagic solved the UG/Parasolid/ACIS nightmare. We work in Inventor and Rhino and were having a tough time getting accurate data from our clients using UG-NX. TransMagic has allowed us to import all of the Parasolid and IGES files and convert them to ACIS for use in Inventor. It has paid for itself in a month.
– J. M., GM Creative Services