The Most Powerful CAD Translation Software In The World


World-Class 3D CAD Translation, Repair and Comparison

With TransMagic You Can…

  • Open, view and query any major 3D CAD format in the world
  • Translate CAD models to polygonal, neutral and native formats
  • Automatic repair capabilities to deliver a water tight solid
  • Publish 3D PDF with PMI views intact for easy, clean communications
  • Compare revisions so you know exactly what changed before you cut steel
  • Automate translation and repair of thousands of files at a time


Test-Drive TransMagic for 7 days to see how it works with your parts! The following products are included in the evaluation:
  • TransMagic SUPERVIEW
  • TransMagic MagicHeal
  • TransMagic MagicCheck


Increase the Velocity of the Engineering Organization


  • Reduce Cost

  • Restore Design Intent

  • Eliminate Waste

  • Reduce Schedule Time-to-Launch

  • Democratize Engineering Product Data

Reduce Cost

  • Eliminate multiple CAD software needs – A seat of TransMagic can often substitute for the CAD software you are using to read, view and write to diverse CAD formats, saving on training, licensing and maintenance costs. 

  • Prevent Costly Mistakes – Getting the best CAD data possible, and knowing exactly what has changed in a customer revision can help you avoid model repairs, model re-creation and downstream manufacturing errors.

Restore Design Intent

  • spline-to-analyticsRecognize true analytic 3D geometry shapes – Lite Repair converts poor quality spline data to true cylinders, planes and edges, which are more easily recognized by downstream CAD and machining applications.
  • Solve difficult geometric issues automatically – Full Repair can tweak geometry to restore original intent, closing gaps and re-creating analytics in mere seconds and with a single button click.

Eliminate Waste

  • Detect unexpected design changes and validate quality – MagicCheck spots all changes between revisions, whether the customer notified you or not, and validates against the original customer file to the precision you specify.
  • Eliminate duplication of design effort – High-quality translation filters down the number of problematic models, and automatic repair tools free designers and engineers up from tedious model repair and rebuilding tasks so they can get more quotes and designs out the door.

Reduce Schedule Time-to-Launch

  • Streamline processes to eliminate time delays – MagicBatch allows you to translate and repair hundreds or thousands of files at one time. COMMAND automatically translates and repairs files with no user intervention necessary; just have team members put their files into a network folder and translations to several multi-CAD formats proceeds instantly.
  • Facilitate maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) operations – Document MRO operations with native and neutral CAD formats, write to 3D PDF as a format everyone in the organization can read, and take advantage of Tech Docs, which combines the 3D PDF with attached CAD formats and notes of your choice.

Democratize Engineering Product Data

  • democratize engineering product dataAccess product designs for analysis, documentation and manufacturing – Read every major 3D CAD format in the world, write to STL (for FEA), 3D PDF (for documentation) and native, kernel and neutral formats (for manufacturing).
  • Collaborate easily with customers, vendors and departments – 3D PDF and WebGL are lightweight, effective formats for communicating internally or externally. Read and write CAD native and neutral formats as well as polygonal formats and tune over 200 settings to give you and your customers the ideal solution in today’s multi-CAD world.

Accelerate Engineering Production

  • Leverage 3D Digital Design Data for critical engineering functions – Whether you need to view or measure true CAD data, quote a customer inquiry, integrate multi-CAD data into your design, or collaborate with internal or external customers, TransMagic has you covered.
  • Avoid work-stoppage from data errors – Missed revisions due to poor customer communications can lead to manufacturing the wrong part; MagicCheck helps you verify revision changes and validate model integrity to the tolerance you select.
  • Transform tedious time-consuming tasks – from instant, one-button repairs to batch and even automated translations and data extraction for analysis, get the best data possible, as quickly as possible.

Increase Product Data Quality

  • transmagic-diagnosticsCheck digital model quality for use in any CAD/CAM/CAE application – Use TransMagic’s Lite Repair as a diagnostic tool to check model quality; green light? The model is good! Red or yellow light? There’s a problem with the model which you can either repair on the spot, or contact the customer for a better-quality model, or a different CAD format.
  • Mitigate design data errors with over 1.8 million lines of heuristic code – Lite Repair, Full Repair and MagicHeal represent a three-stage approach to CAD data errors which have been developed through almost two decades of repairing customer models and assemblies; the majority of these can be resolved in mere seconds.

Video Overview of our Latest Release


CAD Viewing

CAD Viewing and Job Quoting with TransMagic View CAD B-rep or Vis-rep files, measure, dimension, interrogate mass properties, surface area, volume and read MBD / PMI data for estimation. Reduce, optimize and write polygonal formats. SUPERVIEW does all this and more. Read More…

CAD Translation

Multi-CAD Translation with TransMagicTranslate from CAD native and neutral files to native and neutral format such as CATIA, JT, STEP, Parasolid, ACIS and more. TransMagic Expert has all of the viewing power of SUPERVIEW and the ability to write neutral and native CAD formats.

Read More…

CAD Repair

TransMagic MagicHeal Full CAD Model RepairLite Repair is built in with all TransMagic core products, but MagicHeal gives you Full Repair (extends surfaces to close gaps) and Magic Surface (replaces missing faces), taking care of those more demanding repair situations. Read More…

CAD Comparison

CAD Model Comparison with MagicCheckWhen a customer submits a revision, how can you be sure of what has changed? MagicCheck lets you know quickly and easily what changed, where it changed, and how much it changed, helping you to prevent downstream manufacturing errors and reduce scrap parts. Read More…

CAD Automation

CAD Batch Translation with MagicBatchWhether you want to batch translate thousands of files at a time with MagicBatch, or set up automated systems to translate all files into multiple formats simultaneously with COMMAND, TransMagic has your solution. Read More about MagicBatch… Read More about COMMAND…

TransMagic PowerPacks

Solidworks-and-Inventor-File-ConversionPowerPacks for SOLIDWORKS and Inventor allow you to Read and Write TransMagic’s latest CAD formats, and access repair options from inside your CAD application, giving you more flexibility and power to help more customers.

Read More about PowerPack for SOLIDWORKS… Read More about PowerPack for Inventor…


Detroit Automotive Technology Examiner
Until a single CAD system does arrive for the auto industry, suppliers who have to work in this multi-CAD environment now have an interesting, intermediate option; a literal ace in their pocket besides the usual translators like IGES and STEP. It’s called TransMagic!
– Frank Sherosky, Detroit Automotive Technology Examiner

GM Creative Services
TransMagic solved the UG/Parasolid/ACIS nightmare. We work in Inventor and Rhino and were having a tough time getting accurate data from our clients using UG-NX. TransMagic has allowed us to import all of the Parasolid and IGES files and convert them to ACIS for use in Inventor. It has paid for itself in a month.
– J. M., GM Creative Services

PPL Engineering
Just a quick e-mail to say how pleased we are with TransMagic. After using it now for a few months the difference in being able to use the solid models is wonderful.
– B. C., PPL Engineering