magicheal-300w “MagicHEAL combines advanced automatic repair with the ability to cover missing surfaces and faces in seconds, saving you time”
The MagicHEAL Add-On for TransMagic provides advanced CAD model repair. Quickly and easily visualize problem areas and heal geometry that would otherwise take hours or days to diagnose and repair. magicheal-animated

Who’s A Good Fit For MagicHeal?

  • Job Shops who periodically receive poorly modeled or translated geometry requiring extensive repairs or remodeling.
  • Engineers, designers or estimators who deal with incomplete geometry or geometry that is missing faces.

The Industry Challenge

  • Difficult to repair models
  • Spline-based geometry
  • Missing faces & poorly surfaced models

The Industry Solution

  • Extends and re-insersects surfaces
  • Optimizes geometry for downstream applications
  • Automatically patch holes in parts
CAD Geometry Repair with MagicHeal from TransMagic Software on Vimeo.

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It repairs CAD files well and can handle a wide range of formats.
– M. R., Aerofab
Superlift/Black Diamond Suspensions
Until TransMagic I had become almost used to working with damaged files, and never realized I was missing more than just a few surfaces!
TransMagic has made it possible to open any native CATIA file or version I receive, quickly isolating, repairing and retrieving what I need. Once native files are saved in a TransMagic format, opening and handling even a large file is surprisingly fast.
Having its own tools in TM is also efficient at making repairs to missing surfaces, before translation. Repairing damaged files and grouping what I need prior to importing, has saved me lots of time. My time is now better spent, working with clean and manageable files that I can rely on as I design new products.
Thank you TransMagic!
– K. D., Superlift/Black Diamond Suspensions
Applied Materials
TransMagic reads anything. In all formats, there is some level of repair.
– C. B., Applied Materials

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