TransMagic Video TutorialsMany TransMagic users are not aware that there are helpful video tutorials and overviews available on the TransMagic site; here’s the rundown. All of these videos can be found at

Overview Videos

  • TransMagic R12 What’s New
  • Aerospace Validation and Certification Overview

Basic TransMagic Video Tutorials

  • Top 5 Tips for New TransMagic Users
  • Quick Tips: Save As and Export
  • Quick Tips: File Open and Import
  • 7 Ways to Improve Your CAD Game

Viewing & Quoting Video Tutorials

  • Where’s My CAD Data, Part 1
  • Where’s My CAD Data, Part 2
  • Where’s My CAD Data, Part 3
  • Reorient Parts for Bounding Box Calculations
  • Reduce Component Size with Expert or MagicHeal

CAD Repair Video Tutorials

  • TransMagic CAD Repair
  • CAD Geometry Repair with MagicHeal
  • Repair and Precise Positioning
  • Dealing with Duplicate Surfaces

Other video overviews and tutorials can be found the TransMagic YouTube channel at

Do you have a request for a video tutorial? Let us know at!