PRO-small-2 “TransMagic PRO is our most popular 3D CAD translator / CAD-to-CAD solution, reading all 3D CAD formats and writing to all Neutral CAD formats”
Visualize, Query Convert – read all 3D Formats, Automated Repair and Conditioning, Viewing and Analysis Tools for Measurement and Mass Properties, Read PMI / MBD Data, Assembly Restructuring, Polygonal Reduction, Output to Polygonal and Neutral CAD Formats. pro-425w

Who’s A Good Fit For PRO?

  • Designers and engineers who need the ability to Write neutral CAD formats such as STEP, IGES, Parasolid, ACIS and more.
  • Jobshops who need native format output and want to replace full CAD seats with an easier, quicker and more cost-effective solution.
  • SOLIDWORKS or Inventor users who want to take advantage of TransMagic’s additional CAD formats, as well as automatic repair tools from inside of their respective CAD applications.

The Industry Challenge

  • Data Incompatibility between Multiple 3D Applications
  • Complex CAD Models that are not Solid
  • Poor Quality IGES and STEP files
  • Hours of Costly Manual Data Rework
  • Data Lost in Translation
  • Project Delays and Cost Overruns

The Industry Solution

  • Native 3D CAD Format Support
  • Complete Multi-CAD Conversion Tool
  • Automatic Model Repair and Conditioning
  • Accurate Measurement, Dimensioning and Micrometer tools
  • Advanced Visualization tools
  • No CAD Software Required


CATIA V4, V5, V6 (up to 2019/R29); CATIA xcgm; Pro/E (all); Creo (up to 5.0); NX/UG (up to NX12, 9.5 for PMI); SOLIDWORKS 97-2019; SolidEdge ST11; JT (up to 10.2); Inventor (up to 2020); AutoCAD (up to 2019); Microstation (up to V8); TransMagic (R7-R12); Parasolid (up to 31.0); ACIS (R1.5-R2019/R29); IGES (up to 5.3); STEP AP203/AP214/AP242; SMLib (all); VDA-FS; 3D PDF (up to 2018 SP2); 3D XML (up to R2016); STL; OBJ; PLY; U3D (EMCA-363); PRC; VRML 1.0/2.0; HOOPS (up to 20); Collada; POD; CGR (up to R2019/R29); Image formats (Tif, Png, Jpg, Bmp).


TransMagic (R7-R12); Parasolid (up to 31.0); ACIS (R1.5-R2019/R29); IGES (up to 5.3); STEP AP203/AP214/AP242; SMLib (all); XCGM; VDA-FS; Ngrain (up to 5.0); 3D PDF (2018 SP2); 3D XML; STL; OBJ; PLY; HOOPS (up to 20); Collada; POD; U3D (ECMA-363); WebGL; 2D PDF; Image formats (Tif, Png, Jpg, Bmp).


Test-Drive TransMagic for 7 days to see how it works with your parts! The following products are included in the evaluation:

  • TransMagic SUPERVIEW
  • TransMagic MagicHeal
  • TransMagic MagicCheck

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Aberdeen Group
Best in class performers are ten times more likely to turn towards translation applications such as TransMagic to insulate themselves from the disruptive effects of recreating designs in different formats.
– C. J., Aberdeen Group

BRC Rubber & Plastics
In my 33 years as a Design Engineer and the last 5 years as a software evaluator of CAD, FEA and Dimensional Analysis programs, I have never experienced such a leap forward in my ability to perform my daily tasks. I am indebted to TransMagic for the marvelous translation interface.
– P. P., BRC Rubber & Plastics

A. A.
TransMagic was a real lifesaver on a job where I had to translate CATIA V4 files to Parasolid models to open in Unigraphics. I was going to keep TransMagic a secret from my engineering friends since they were all impressed that I was the only one who could get these files to work! But I told them it was easy with TransMagic.
– A. A.