TransMagic SUPERVIEW can

  • NX ViewerView any NX or UG Format
  • View any JT or Parasolid Format (both are Siemens formats)
  • Zoom, Pan, Orbit, Save Named Views
  • View PMI and Export PMI to 3D PDF so anyone can access it
  • Change Color, Transparency and Cut Sections
  • Measure, Dimension, Quote
  • Generate Mass Properties, Surface Area and Bounding Box
  • Optimize Settings for NX read, JT read, Parasolid read
  • Optimize Polygon Output, Reduce Polygons and Write to Polygonal Formats

See an 3-minute video overview below.


Writing CAD Formats

If you need to write to CAD formats, consider our other core products:

TransMagic PRO can write to neutral CAD formats such as STEP, IGES, Parasolid, ACIS and more.

TransMagic EXPERT can write to neutral CAD formats as well as native CAD formats such as CATIA, JT, SOLIDWORKS, DWG and DXF.

Try the TransMagic Eval

If you are not already using TransMagic, you can try the TransMagic eval by clicking here. The eval version includes TransMagic SUPERVIEW along with MagicHeal and MagicCheck. TransMagic SUPERVIEW will allow you to read all NX files. If, for evaluation purposes, you need to be able to write to a JT, Parasolid, or any other CAD format, submit the eval request form, and you will be prompted for that option. Alternately, you can discuss your needs with one of our account reps.

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