TransMagic Onboarding – Lessons 1 to 7

These lessons will give you a good basic understanding how TransMagic works. Complete on-site or remote training is available. To learn more, contact

Lesson 1:  CAD Viewing

Lesson 2:  CAD Quoting and Estimating

Lesson 3:  Diagnose Problems & Repair 3D Geometry – Quickly & Easily

Lesson 4:  MBD: The Easy Way

Lesson 5:  Selecting the Best 3D Format for Exchange

Lesson 6:  Model Comparison – Know What Has Changed

Lesson 7: TransMagic Productivity Tips 

14-DAY SUPERVIEW Evaluation 

Evaluate TransMagic for 14 days to see how it works with your parts! The following product is included in the evaluation:

  • TransMagic SUPERVIEW