Westminster, CO – May 2, 2017
TransMagic Ships 36 CAD Translator Plugins for AutoCAD® and Revit®

Read or Write CATIA, NX, CREO, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Inventor, Parasolid

TransMagic Inc., the leader in CAD data interoperability, model based definition (MBD) and part validation, announced the release of 36 new CAD translator products for Autodesk Revit® and AutoCAD®.  These products are available for trial or purchase on the Autodesk App store.

The TransMagic ImportMaster and ExportMaster series of products install directly into AutoCAD or Revit architectural applications. These add-on products were developed in collaboration with ProtoTech Solutions, a custom software development company.  These new products insure that high quality 3D MCAD models are accessible for every project.

“Using our intimate knowledge of 3D geometric data, TransMagic has created individual plugin translators to import and export 3D models from Revit and AutoCAD,” stated Todd Reade, CEO of TransMagic.  “We are building strong data bridges between the primary mechanical design environments and the architectural world.  Our intention is to make projects become more profitable and efficient by eliminating tedious manual steps to re-use 3D data and communicate design intentions.”

A free trial is available for these products on the Autodesk app store https://apps.autodesk.com  or directly from the TransMagic E-store https://estore.transmagic.com.

To search the Autodesk app store for the AutoCAD plugins, filter by ‘translators’.  To search the Autodesk app store for REVIT plugins, filter by ‘interoperability’.

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About ProtoTech Solutions
ProtoTech Solutions is a software development and consulting company specializing in engineering software. ProtoTech is fully committed to helping customers accelerate their development programs and build advanced solutions.

About TransMagic
TransMagic has reengineered 3D data interoperability and paved the way for companies to translate and exchange accurate design data with confidence.  TransMagic develops productivity tools for manufacturing data, including CAD geometry repair, 3D CAD visualization, revision comparison and model validation for compliance with aerospace standards.

Contact TransMagic:
Jim Stephens
+1 303-460-1406