Octo-CAD is the alien manifestation of newly discovered subatomic particles that appear to be engaged in an attack on the earth’s manufacturing sector.

Theoretically, there are eight of these subatomic particles (hence the ‘octo’), but only three have thus far been identified by scientists at the ‘Zern’ Supercollider. These ‘monsters’ are:

  1. Corruptus Magnificus (aka ‘Corrupto’): Responsible for the corruption of CAD files, resulting in time-consuming CAD model repairs or remodeling.
  2. Faceicus Obliteratus (aka ‘Faceless’): Responsible for the loss of faces on CAD files, also resulting in time-consuming CAD model repairs or remodeling.
  3. Undocumentus Revisionicus (aka ‘Changeling’): Responsible for causing CAD revisions to undocumented changes, leading to major downstream problems and ultimately resulting in the wrong parts being manufactured, and increased scrap.


Get your combat kit!

In an effort to help combat the Octo-CAD menace globally, TransMagic is supplying temporary licenses of SUPERVIEW with MagicHeal and MagicCheck to engineers and designers in global geo-sectors.


How to Get Yours

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3. Visit the Eval page: https://transmagic.com/supervieweval-2-2/

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