Denver, CO (Press Release) May 7, 2019

TransMagic Announces Latest Generation of 3D CAD Data Interoperability Tools

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TransMagic, a leading provider of software tools for 3D CAD data, announces its latest release: R12-SP2 (R13). This release includes enhancements that expand support for all major 3D CAD system formats such as AutoCAD/Creo /CATIA/NX/Parasolid/SOLIDWORKS /Inventor/Solid Edge/ACIS. Other enhancements include increased repair capabilities for solid models, more automated features, performance improvements and a new licensing system. Click here to download a free trial.

TransMagic enables companies to have open standards with regard to their CAD/CAM/CAE software applications, supporting a ‘best-in-class’ software approach. Companies can streamline their processes for using and managing their 3D models. With TransMagic’s native file support, CAD format issues are essentially eliminated. This approach enables TransMagic customers to use the original source file as the master, or ‘authority model’ in the native format. If other formats are needed for downstream applications, derivative models can be created on-the-fly, and validated, in the optimal format for the job. TransMagic frees organizations from the problems associated with incompatible CAD systems and issues with poor quality models, enabling better utilization across the company and with external stakeholders.

“Life would be simple if all the stakeholders in your supply chain and all of your customers used the same CAD system and the same version. But that’s just not the way it is,” said Todd Reade, CEO of TransMagic. “Dealing with a heterogenous CAD software environment is the new normal. Typical supply chains involve many companies, many CAD systems and different versions. This scenario naturally leads to incompatibilities and problems. If you use an ‘open’ format, like IGES or STEP, you may not get all the information and geometry that you need. Using these non-native formats can ‘dumb down’ the models, stripping out critical data from the original design intent. At TransMagic, we eliminate this by supporting all native formats in our application. With TransMagic, you can access virtually any CAD design, in any native format or version.”

“In addition to all the native and standard CAD formats, we support formats like 3D PDF and WebGL as well. Our tools enable workflows that solve difficult problems and increase productivity for everyone who needs to utilize 3D models; from design to manufacturing to technical documentation to planning/estimating to packaging and product maintenance to external stakeholders,” said Reade.


Assembly Cuts are supported for CREO assemblies, giving you a deeper level of access to customer CREO data; support for all major formats is coming soon.

“This release has a long list of enhancements,” said Craig Dennis, TransMagic CTO. “The overarching theme is improved usability, increased performance and better error detection and automation tools to remove the guesswork for non-engineering users.”

Major enhancements include support for authoring Technical Data Packages (TDP – which are commonly required by the military), UNDO multiple levels, Assembly Cuts and Non-manifold Error Detection and Repair. Watch the video above for a quick overview of the new features in this release. For a complete list of enhancements visit here.

Who uses TransMagic? Engineers, CAD users, machinists, job estimators, manufacturing professionals, tech pubs illustrators, quality assurance techs, purchasing, sales … the list goes on. Anyone who needs access to 3D product data can benefit from TransMagic’s 3D CAD data power tools.

OMAX, supplier of industrial waterjets, is a good example of a tool company that uses TransMagic. Industrial water jets are in the same category of CNC machinery that uses hard tooling, they just use water. “Customers buy our waterjet machines to do amazing things. TransMagic helps with the complex solid models which helps make better parts,” said Mark Rogers, Software Support Specialist for OMAX Corporation.

Click here for complete details of the release. 

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TransMagic offers a free 7-day test drive to show how we can help you navigate the world of 3D data. Along with the trial, we provide you our video quick start on-boarding lessons designed for CAD users and non-CAD users. Click here to download a free trial.

About Us

TransMagic develops multi-CAD interoperability software applications that offers a unique combination of 3D CAD file translation, 3D model comparison, geometry repair, collaboration and visualization technologies to alleviate the CAD incompatibility and product data exchange challenges facing the manufacturing industry. With TransMagic, companies can implement seamless workflows for managing 3D CAD data including translation, repair and comparison.

TransMagic serves a broad range of companies; from multi-national aerospace companies to independent machine shops. Anyone who needs to view, collaborate, manage, receive/send or create documentation from 3D CAD models can benefit from using TransMagic tools.