Westminster, CO (Press Release) May 7, 2019

TransMagic Announces Latest Generation of 3D CAD Data Interoperability Tools

TransMagic, a leading provider of software tools for 3D CAD data, announces its latest release. This release includes enhancements that expand support for all major 3D CAD system formats such as AutoCAD/Creo /CATIA/NX/Parasolid/SOLIDWORKS /Inventor/Solid Edge/ACIS. Other enhancements include increased repair capabilities for solid models, more automated features, performance improvements, and a new licensing system.

TransMagic enables companies to have open standards with regard to their CAD/CAM/CAE software applications, supporting a ‘best-in-class’ software approach. Companies can streamline their processes for using and managing their 3D models. With TransMagic’s native file support, CAD format issues are essentially eliminated. READ MORE 

Westminster, CO – December 4, 2018

When Problems Exist in the 3D Data Model

OMAX’s CNC software is Intelli-MAX. It is very powerful, yet easy-to-use — but it requires a valid solid model in the open standard STEP format.  

As machine tool operators know too well, when it comes down to cutting, often times problems in the CAD model geometry will surface…which causes all work to stop.

Users of the OMAX industrial waterjets can encounter these problems. Read the story to find out why TransMagic is there “go to tool” for repairing geometry. READ MORE


Westminster, CO – January 5, 2018

TransMagic Makes CAD Data Conversion Smooth Sailing for Naval Defense Contractor using SOLIDWORKS & CATIA

Northrop Grumman began searching for a better way to handle the data conversion. They needed a proven and reliable way to convert the Navy’s SOLIDWORKS data into the CATIA format used by Northrop Grumman. The Northrop Grumman team was considering possible solutions to automate the translation process. They did a thorough cost-benefit analysis and selected TransMagic software based on the powerful capabilities it provides at an affordable cost. READ MORE 

Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship
A fast, agile, and maneuverable vessel for confronting submarines, mines, and fast-attack craft threats in coastal areas. This project required massive amounts of CATIA 3D model data to be converted to SOLIDWORKS.
(image courtesy of

Westminster, CO – November 30, 2017

TransMagic Solves Problems for Organizations that Work with Heterogenous CAD Model Formats and Managing Extremely Large Model Sizes

When importing 3D CAD models, The Danse has encountered many problems that other users of 3D CAD face. 3D CAD translation, repair, and model optimization are critical to using the 3D engineering model in the 3D virtual world. Now, using TransMagic, they can quickly and easily get the model into the right format, address any issues or repairs in the model, and optimize the model for the intended use.   READ MORE


Westminster, CO ( August 31, 2017

TransMagic Announces Non-Manifold Capability to Benefit Manufacturing Companies by Detecting & Correcting Non-Manufacturable Conditions Sooner

When designing and manufacturing complex products, the first sign of a non-manifold condition often occurs when moving 3D models between CAD systems or into CAM software. TransMagic can detect and correct non-manifold conditions to prevent costly delays in time-to-market.

TransMagic Inc., the leader in 3D geometry translation, repair and comparison tools for CAD, CAM, CAE systems, announces a new feature in their suite of tools for CAD model repair. This new feature will detect and correct non-manifold conditions and aids customers to verify manufacturability, thereby saving time and money.

Westminster, CO – May 2, 2017

TransMagic Ships 36 CAD Translator Plugins for AutoCAD® and Revit®
Read or Write CATIA, NX, CREO, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Inventor, Parasolid

TransMagic Inc., the leader in CAD data interoperability, model based definition (MBD) and part validation, announced the release of 36 new CAD translator products for Autodesk Revit® and AutoCAD®.  These products are available for trial or purchase on the Autodesk App store.


Westminster, CO –  February 14, 2017

TransMagic Converts Siemens NX 11 Files to 37 3D Formats                            
Open, View, Inspect, Convert and Use in CATIA, SolidWorks, Inventor +++

TransMagic, Inc., the global leader in 3D data conversion, model based definition (MBD) and validation of translated CAD models, announced that support for Siemens PLM NX11 is now available in their R12 sp1 products.

Westminster, CO – June 22, 2016

TransMagic Ships R12 – Enhanced MBD Utilization from CATIA, NX, JT & PRO/E
New PMI View Browser and Tech Docs Features to Displace Tedious Manual Processes